Perl Las


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Perl Las

The ‘Blue Pearl’ – a rich, creamy, soft cheese with stunning strong blue overtones

Perl Las, the ‘Blue Pearl’ is a Welsh blue cheese that really lives up to its name. The Pearl of Cardigan is famed for its unique taste that mixes strength with delicacy. The rich cream is punctured by stunning blue overtones as you eat and its yellow rind is complemented perfectly by blue veins that make it a feature piece of any cheeseboard worth it's salt. A true blue!


More than just a cracker coverer...
Just because it’s great on a cheeseboard, doesn’t mean you always have to eat it on a cheeseboard. Perl Las’ flavours are perfect for cooking; stir some into a sauce for a steak, swizz it into a soup, or for summer, a salad of fresh lettuce, chicken and tomato with a balsamic glaze.

Pairings – wines, beers, crackers, chutneys…
To match the flavours of Perl Las it really needs something a little special.
For us, it has to be a glass of port or dessert wine – our favourites: this vintage port or a bottle of Sauternes.

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Allergy Info
Perl Las is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

If you are looking for a cheese similar to Perl Las, take a look at our blue cheeses, where there is a number of delightful accompaniments to the ‘Blue Pearl’.

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