Convenient and Reliable Cheese Delivery Services

All our online deliveries are subject to a £20 minimum order and £5.95 delivery fee. Orders £60 and over are free delivery. The orders are carefully packaged and sent via next day delivery using reputable couriers.



Bedford Cheese Delivery

We are all fond of cheese. Whether it’s a local one or an international brand, cheese became one of the main ingredients in many recipes. But today, it is becoming harder to find and avail cheeses on the market. Thankfully, online markets are in trend! But the main problem is the delivery services.

Here at Bedford Cheese Company, we strongly believed in the idea that delivery services are the backbone of a successful business nowadays. With that, we managed to adapt to the rising demand for deliveries and structured our cheese delivery services properly. As a purveyor of cheese and artisan foods, our main aim is to reach you where you are- to have your cravings for cheese right in front of your door.





This is a very vital topic when it comes to cheese businesses and customers. And with us, we value our customers that much. As much as possible, we don’t want to have our cheeses on delays. Mastering the packing of orders and delivering it on time is our priority. Our delivery services are prompt, unless when there are unavoidable situations in nature. Meanwhile, in your part, it will not require so much time. You click, order and wait.


Another main reason why delivery services are essential around this time is that it offers high accessibility even in small and private individuals. Our company can provide you and have your cheese orders, even in varying sizes and kinds. Our cheese products may vary according to type, and still, you can be secured that it will be delivered to you without sacrificing its taste and quality.


While cheese is a very vulnerable product, we make sure that it can’t be damaged and broken during the travel. We briefly discussed to our delivery staff the proper handling of products and the need for utmost care. From the packing to dispatching, it is taken and handled with so much care. But if any products get damaged, our company will take responsibility and replace it.


Instead of going to grocery stores and buy your favourite cheese, in delivery, you don’t have to take the risk, especially this time of uncertainty.  But then, we make sure that your ordered products will not be contaminated and at the same time, our delivery staffs are in proper hygiene upon delivering. Stay at home and stay safe while waiting for your order.


Deliveries must be trackable to give both the company and the customers the rights and insights about how long the products will take depending on your location. We managed tracking ways like sending private messages to the recipient of products to help them track the package from time to time of dispatch to the estimated time of arrival.

Shop now from our best selection of fresh and imported cheeses, as well as local cheeses and vegan cheeses at the lowest prices. And we can deliver it right in front of your doors without any hassle. Satisfy your cravings, subscribe us now!

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