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Vegan Cheese

The idea of going full vegan tends to frighten some people because there are several animal-sourced products they deem impossible to give up, and one of which is cheese. Veganism is not just a meat-free diet but a lifestyle that completely avoids anything that comes from an animal.

While it is a fact that dairy products yield from animals, food technology and human innovation has paved the way for the creation of cheese alternatives made with nuts, nutritional yeast and vegetable oils. This cheesy alternative to the rescue!

Dairy Free Option

  • Cashew
  • Soy
  • Tapioca
  • Potato
  • Coconut
  • Peas

Most vegan cheeses available in the market or online stores is from the combination of tree nuts, soy, and seeds (cashew, in particular, is a significant element in vegan cheese),  starchy flours like tapioca flour, potato, coconut, or arrowroot and legumes (like carrots and potatoes). Some cheeses are manufactured from agar, tapioca and peas.

Initially, the appearance was the top priority in creating these vegan cheeses. But, eventually, manufacturers tackled a new challenge of making it taste and act as closely as possible to an actual cheese that is generally enjoyed and accepted by the public. What’s the point of having a cheese alternative if it doesn’t taste like real cheese, right?

Choose Vegan Cheese From Our Award Winning Menu

The process of creating vegan cheese shares a few similar steps with traditional cheese-making, but it does not involve any milk, of course. Take our award-winning Landana Goat Gouda, for instance. It took some ten months in production and went through a deliberate process to attain a rich, creamy taste, minus the lactose and gluten.

Malpractice in some parts of the farming industry has become rampant; all thanks to growing media coverage and increasing number of animal rights activists being vocal about this matter. The animal-free production of vegan cheese is one of the many reasons you can enjoy it minus the guilt. You get to savour delicious creamy cheddar while making due to ethical and environmental contributions! Now that is a real treat.

Another award-winning product of ours, the Wild Garlic Yarg will surely leave your pallets chuffed to bits with its natural goodness. It all comes down to picking the most fragrant Allium ursinum leaves to pack this Yarg with subtle garlic flavour and buttery taste.

When it comes to health benefits, coconut oil which is one of the ingredients included in vegan cheeses is found to have anti-ageing advantages, antimicrobial properties, anti-cancer and weight loss effects. In general, a vegan lifestyle results in numerous health benefits such as right digestive tract, a more energized body, better skin conditions and less brain fog. I think we can all use a little brain rejuvenation in our lives.

Going Vegan Can Help Sustain Our Planet

Yes, switching to a vegan lifestyle can bring drastic changes and unfamiliarity but similarly, it is a big step towards achieving sustainability. At the rate our planet is going, any simple environmentally ethical action will buy us more time to preserve the bountiful nature we have. And if more of us contribute to the change, we can reverse the enormity of the damages that have been done.