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This cheese, produced between the Champagne and Burgundy regions, bears the name of a village in the département of Aube.
The first traces of its existence go back to the 14th century: it is said to have been presented to Philippe the Fair as he was passing through Chaource, and Marguerite of Burgundy was recorded as having demanded it is served to her court.
Originally intended for family consumption, Chaource gained renown in the 19th century. Produced on farms, it was gathered by merchants called “cossoniers” to be sold in regional markets and the markets of large cities such as Paris and Lyon.
The cheese was granted a registered designation of origin (AOC) in 1970 and a protected designation of origin (AOP) in 1996.
It is matured for at least fourteen days within the designated zone.

Its rind is white and uniformly downy when the cheese is young and takes on orange spots when it is matured. Its paste is creamy on the edge of the rind and white, frothy and crumbly at the centre.

Ingredients: Cow’s Milk

Allergens: Milk

Pasteurised/UnPasteurised: Can be Pasteurised or Unpasteurised

Dietary: Not Vegetarian

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