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One of Wales’ best loved soft cheeses, Perl Wen is a glorious and unique cross between a traditional Brie and a Caerffili. Caws Cenarth use their farmhouse Caerffili recipe as a starting point for Perl Wen (the Welsh for ‘White Pearl’), which gives its soft centre a fresh citrus flavour with a hint of sea salt.

Along with its equally loved Cenarth cousin, the blue Perl Las, Perl Wen has become a staple for British cheeselovers over recent years since it was developed by Cawyn Adams on his Carmarthenshire family farm. Carwyn’s family have been cheesemakers for six generations, and his parents Thelma and Gwynfor were key figures in the Welsh artisan cheese revival in the late 1980s. Concentrating originally on traditional Caerffilis and other Welsh recipes, Carwyn has now developed an unrivalled range of uniquely Welsh cheeses including the two Perls and the delightful rind-washed Golden Cenarth.

Perl Wen is made in large wheels of around 1.2kg and mini wheels of around 200g. If you select the 1.2kg option you will receive a whole large wheel and if you select 600g you will receive half of a wheel. The half wheel will be cut on the day we send it out, and as with all freshly cut cheeses it will have a best before date of approximately 7 days. Whole and mini Perl Wens will have longer dates.

Ingredients: Organic Cows Milk, Sea Salt, Vegetarian Rennet, Culture, Penicilium Candidum

Allergens: Milk

Pasteurised/UnPasteurised: Pasteurised

Dietary: Vegetarian

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