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The beautiful taste and creamy texture of the Blue Shropshire cheese is matched by its wonderful appearance, with blue veins radiating through its deep-orange body. The Blue Shropshire was awarded Supreme Champion out of 910 cheeses at the 2016 British Cheese Awards and gained one-star Great Taste Awards in 2015 and 2017. In 2019, it went one better gaining a prestigious two-star award.

Shropshire Blue is a cow’s milk cheese made in the United Kingdom. The cheese was first made in the 1970s at the Castle Stuart dairy in Inverness, Scotland by Andy Williamson, a cheesemaker who had trained in the making of Stilton cheese in Nottinghamshire. The cheese was first known as ‘Inverness-shire Blue’ or ‘Blue Stuart’, but was eventually marketed as ‘Shropshire Blue’, a name chosen to help increase its popularity, despite it having no link to the county of Shropshire.

It is  recommend to pair this cheese with simple water biscuits and pudding wine.

Made using vegetarian rennet.


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