Oxford Blue 200g


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Oxford Blue cheese is a soft blue with a creamy texture

Oxford Blue made by the Team at Oxford Cheese Company started making cheese 1195 as there were no other blue cheese apart from Stilton, The resulting cheese proved to be incredibly popular, especially in and around the dreamy spires of Oxford!

We are lucky enough to work direct with our dairy farmers and Artisan cheese makers so buy our cheeses directly from the Oxford Cheese Company thus meaning we know that they are going to arrive to us in the perfection condition that the cheesemaker intended. We also get to chat to them about their products and hear all of their news.

The cheeses are matured until they are released for sale at about 10 weeks. At this stage they are creamy, with a hint of crumbliness and a melt in the mouth flavour. The blue flavour is present, but it doesn’t overpower the cheese which is aromatic with some spicy notes. Flavours of dark chocolate, white wine and tarragon occasionally come through to the palate.

Perfect to pair with a glass of chilled white wine.



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